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whattomine overclocks numbers are wrong for Kaspa

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  1. We are here to support you on your journey. Quick top-ups in 3 easy steps, select your terms to match your needs! acclaimbanking

  2. We are here to support you on your journey. Quick top-ups in 3 easy steps, select your terms to match your needs! acclaimbanking

  3. A lot of false information out there regarding kaspa mining right now. I keep all my own GPU hash rate charts and I've found listed hash rates for AMD online are about 5% low for hash rate and 15% low for efficiency.

  4. I am sorry but your video is strange. You can not say that 3070 is taking 55W. As per picture whole consumption is 883W but counted from GPU is only 649W so there is huge over 200W difference for 9 cards. So each card should have topped by about 20W so i would suggest count either hasrate at pool compare to total consumption at the wall than separte every card, because that card is not taking 55W but at least 75-80W to run (with fans and everything around).

  5. Don't forget about the extra 200w which require for the motherboard and processor to operate, which it never show in the Miner or HiveOS dashboard.

  6. For my 1660 Super (micron mem), I am getting 151 mh at 26w (at the wall) using the miner config method.

  7. The perfect time for mining KAS was before the MERGE when most crypto mining FLUX SHILL tubers were calling it a scam, network dificulty was amazing (low) and so was coin yield (high).
    Mining it right now is just riding a dead horse lol

  8. KASPA is 🚀. But it is scary for a new coin to progress so fast like this. It shares the same concept of expanding your farm.

  9. 1.7ksols on flux not moving anywhere right here. Using hero miners… what's a better pool and why? Let's go chat please…. tell me now .unless RpM wants to tell me personally. Hail from Canada 🇨🇦 man!

  10. I'm still interested. Just don't have money for it all. I just turned on a second rig tonight to heat another part of the house. Just doubled my profits for the day lol.

  11. Hello, I want to ask if there are settings for GTX 1660 super hynix series? Thanks in advance!

  12. Whattomine is a powerfull mining calculator, It has a CUSTOM button where you can manage GPUs custom configuratios. What I´ve done, since the beginning, is add information (MH/s and Power), for each Algo and for ALL MY OWN GPUs ( one by one). This is the only way to obtain the most accurrately information for each coin en real time . Obviously, first of all, you have to open an account and sign in. Anyway, in this case , WoolyPolly has its own calculator.

  13. Hoping the project will make it till the next bullring, if this thing hits 0.1$ we will all be fine 🙂

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