Why 25% Of Workers Just Quit Their Job

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Even though the term “Quiet Quitting” has existed for well over a decade…the RECENT trajectory is all thanks to a viral TikTok, which summarized that – even though you’re not outright QUITTING YOUR JOB – you’re quitting the idea of going “above and beyond.” You’re still performing your duties, but you’re no longer subscribing to the “hustle culture mentality” that work has to be your life – and that, your worth is not defined by your productive output.

However, the reality is: “acting your wage” will come at the cost that – long term, you’ll likely have a much harder time getting a promotion, working up to new opportunities, or even keeping your job – IF that’s something you value.

If you’re the type who WANTS recognition, who WANTS to grow within their career, and WANTS to eventually make more money…it’s often BETTER to give a LITTLE MORE than expected, and by doing so – you make a lasting impact that sets you apart from the competition.

In addition to that, it also serves as your safety net in the event we DO enter a severe recession with mass layoffs…because, like it or not…throughout recessions, we tend to see a COMPLETE contraction across the entire economy, including job losses.

I would take this EXTREMELY SERIOUSLY…because, even though it’s easy to “quietly quit” while unemployment is at an all time low, since 1955 “the U.S. economy has always experienced a recession within two years from every quarter in which inflation was above 4% and unemployment was below 5%, as they are today.”….and, on top of that…the unemployment rate has NEVER held below 3.5% for more than a year.

From my perspective, it’s totally okay to set boundaries in terms of your work/life balance…but, it shouldn’t be surprising if someone else gets the promotion, or a better opportunity – and that needs to be factored in, at least to SOME degree.

Of course, on the flip side: employers can’t simply expect their employees to keep 1-upping each other for a raise that doesn’t match inflation – plus, I’m sure it’s also demotivating to see the person who slacks off, getting paid the same as the person who takes on extra work, so, companies NEED to cultivate an environment where there CAN be incentives along the way.

Now, as far as what YOU could do about it: honestly, if you’re the type who’s happy with what they’re doing, self-motivated, and has a clear path for what you want, this is an opportunity to stand out in the workplace, and solidify yourself as someone who indispensable for the company. It could also be a great time to look for other work that’s more personally fulfilling, or – creates a better environment for what YOU want out of life.

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  1. This is a great opportunity for young kids to put in slightly more effort then their peers to succeed. I'm 40 and when I was 20, there where 500 other guys out for the same job. Today, no one even shows up for the interview.

  2. I love how most of the comments are about how companies have exploded their employees. Lol, almost everyone is showing you how wrong you are.

  3. Boy, with the world going bankrupt because of the false expectations and being raised during the most spoiled period since humanity began, this whole generation live the way only millionaires could afford problem is by abusing credit, and now that those days will be gone for a long long time if forever those same individuals are in serious trouble, without survival skills and their only talent being using an IPhone, everything that keeps their illusion of being rich alive is borrowed or leased, when the money runs out everything goes at the same time these spoiled brats will go from riding on top of the horse to eating from the tail zone. I am certain that the old saying: you don't need something you cannot afford and give it a whole new meaning, they will understand why it is better to have a 1,000 dollar car than no car at all. Never has humanity put itself in this amount of financial distress before and all because of wanting to live beyond one's means, only those who actually own their assets will survive the rest will have to experience what it is like moving from the penthouse to the shithouse in an environment with no credit, only the best will be working in an environment where everything has exploded and no ceiling in sight. Rag time has arrived, the positive part is it will sweep out all the individuals who never deserved their paychecks, the quality of products will improve, and service is going to come back and be most important for those who want to attract and keep customers..

  4. If you do the impossible once, it automatically is expected from you to perform miracles every time.

  5. I've worked for countless jobs and only a very small percentage cared about their employees. Ever since the pandemic it has opened my eyes that your health and mental state is far more important that a 9-5 job that doesn't even care about you.

  6. I’ve said for so long the harder I try the more I stress yet I don’t see a difference in my life other than being more stressed..

  7. God bless my last job. It was good pay and the company environment was great. Either way, I never went out of my way to do anything above the bare minimum, unless I probably needed to

  8. Most of the time all employees want is the right tools to do their job, good pay and to be left alone to do that job

  9. I used to go above and beyond until people learned that they can ask for stuff they don't actually need, which they cannot properly explain, just for the fun of being important. Changed jobs doubled my salary and have a lot of free time for myself.

  10. It already tell something about american society that you call it "quiet quitting", it is kinda pretentious, as if you are so hard-working and expected to do so. Not in here for a pissing contest, as I am personally completely against working for more than you are paid for. It is a just a disgusting bad habit that the tie of a contracts is always played out in one direction, trying to use the leeway to the fullest from one side while expecting the other to be in exactly the margin of the the contract. That is just idiotic and is even played out a lot more in some other countries, japan for example. I just find it kinda weird that people work their ass off in shitty jobs, in which they cannot even bring in their own flavor. You don't need to be a scientist or engineer in order to change something in your workplace to your own liking and the efficiency as well as quality of the working process. Even working in a fucking takeaway, can make a lot of fun, when you can decide how the working process is done and how the products get better. Yet, employees have often, not always, idiotic concepts for "fools and soldiers" that everyone has to follow, participating in that concept like a dummy. I cannot understand why anyone would even try to "hard work" in such an environment and now an society even tries to legitimize an attitude that needs neither to be apologized for nor being illegitimate in the first place. You either work exactly what you are paid for or you are included in the working/planning process like the employee himself. You only work to the extent of your responsibility and if that is not a good that is shared, your work is not a profession, but a job.

  11. I understand this very well, but I'm not gonna get a promotion at a cleaning company that doesn't even want to pay overtime, so I do what's asked of me and that's that 😌

  12. I found that giving the extra work does nothing to further your career, but doing exactly as your job is described and being likeable is much more important. People couldn't even conceive of firing me because I was "such a good guy." I work in a lot of manual labor though so often most people don't even do what is in their job description, so someone who shows up everyday on time, is upbeat and positive all the time, and does everything they should be doing anyways is a rare breed.

  13. Quiet quitting is absolutely a good thing to get the owner class to actually acknowledge “hey you should probably actually give us a reason to go above and beyond besides a thumbs up”

  14. its called capitalism. Employers try to get the most out of their employees for the least amount of pay, employees try to get the most pay for the least amount of work.

  15. Worked in an Amazon Delivery station before. It was pretty much like everyone there had quiet quit, which is understandable considering how much work they made us do for so little pay.

  16. I’ve worked in a nursing home for a while and I’ve “quiet quit”. About a year now I’ve come into work, do my small list, and don’t do anything extra. Since then my mental health has improved, I have less burn out causing me to get into trouble, and I’m going up the matter towards management. Best idea for any employee getting milked for their work and not paid to grow.

  17. I stopped going above and beyond at the start of 2018. I worked retail and my store was ranked 2nd in the west coast region. My staff was amazing and we hit performance metrics.

    I lost my grandfather that year and instead of being able to mourn with my family the company made me come in after we did the funeral. Literally went from burying a loved one straight to closing the store.

    Hard work isn't rewarded. Instead it sets a new standard of work that may not be achievable for the other employees, and inadvertently causes burnout. I learned my lesson the hard way.

  18. As a developer, going above & beyond is only worth it when you are learning something new because you will take those skills with you when you leave the company.

  19. If you want to move up dont work harder in your actual job, you have to work harder on being friends with the boss or your managers. Met so many hard working old men and woman that they couldn't replace so they won't promote.

  20. Yo I didn’t realize I been doing that me and my co-workers been doing the bar minimum and using our phones at work 🤣

  21. As a gen z working in corporate I can confidently say you can do your job and do it well within appropriate hours. The issues are management is not properly assigning task and jobs don’t pay you enough to stay extra unnecessary hours just to look like a “team player”.

  22. My payroll manager has been telling me “low budget” every week while other people have bad performance are staying lazy as usual without getting into trouble. I asked around and no one else in the team got told “low budget”. I have good performance and awards every year and I don’t know why my payroll manager just not liking me. I finally can’t take the stress and I’m on a leave absence currently.

  23. Couldn’t afford to buy a house on 58k a year with sooo much responsibility so I quit. Happy to work for lower pay and less stress. 😊

  24. The biggest joke is to hire somebody from outside the organisation at a higher salary and training them after all that they still learn as they work and reach their full potential after months rather than giving their existing employees a fair compensation🤯 that's illogical on a different level

  25. I miss when my job made me feel fulfilled, but I appreciate that know I know I could've always done better

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