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Why Fantom (FTM) Won't Survive The Bear Market

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0:00 Intro
1:10 FTM Tokenomics
3:23 Centralizatoin
5:30 DeFi TVL
7:42 Community
10:15 FTM Technical Analysis

Fantom FTM EVM Smart Contract Platform Andre Cronje


I am not a financial adviser. Please understand the risks behind trading and learn what you are doing before commencing. Trade at your own risk and do your own research before investing into any financial/crypto products.

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  1. Great content as usual, just beginning my trading journey, considering your discord and membership what content can I expect? How long are guidestutorials?

  2. Great stuff as always. Feel like not enough people are acknowledging FTM's potential when the market perks back up, may make a video on it myself soon. Appreciate the content.

  3. I think Fantom has enough fundamentals to not only survive but thrive next bull run.. My fanties staked in Stader for a decent apr. Lets see what FVM gives..
    And btw how is Fantom like Bitcoin? Plz explain?
    We had 54 validators back in jan, now we are up to 74. Growth is there..

  4. I looked at Fantom as the last alive in the defi era; Terra, Avax and Tron (forgetting the rest) all have their creditability blown.

  5. Good FTM analysis. Bought back from $2 something and dca a few times since But been holding off and will see.

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