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Why I think Granary Finance on Fantom FTM Can Win Market Share vs Geist Finance

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Granary Finance is a new money market on the Fantom FTM block chain. Money markets allow users to deposit collateral and take out loans in the form of borrowing tokens.

Granary finance is currently taking snapshots of users using the platform for an upcoming airdrop of their token which has not been launched yet.

There are some interesting differences between Granary Finance and other lending markets on Fantom.

In this video I explain what they are and why they may lead to Granary winning lots of market share vs the incumbents, especially Geist Finance.

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Geist Finance Video 👉
Reaper Farm Video 👉
APY vs APR Explanation 👉

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Insider Info 👉
Granary App 👉
Granary Discord 👉
Granary Twitter 👉
Granary Docs 👉 https//


⏲ Time Stamps ⏲

0:00 – Intro
1:00 – Granary Overview
5:00 – Team & Security
8:00 – UI Walk through
10:30 – What Makes Granary Different?
17:45 – Pricing Advantage
21:25 – Air Drop


📜 Disclaimer 📜

This video is for informational purposes only. Nothing contained shall be construed to be financial legal or tax advice. The content of this video is solely the opinions of the speaker who is not a licensed financial adviser or registered investment adviser. Trading cryptocurrencies poses considerable risk of loss.

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  1. you definitely want to check Qi Dao protocol which provides loans with incentive(not fee, but rewards). Their main network is polygon but they offer service on multiple chains including Fantom.

  2. Ultra high quality content. I discovered your channel yesterday and can’t stop watching your videos. This is a treasure full of golden knowledge nuggets! Well done 👍

  3. Hi Nick, I appreciate you cannot give financial advice however your thought process would be appreciated. Say if you have somewhat limited investment capital (5-10k) and have a moderate appetite for risk would you be inclined to invest larger proportions of capital (3 x 3k) in yield generating protocols such as liquid driver and Beethoven to increase cashflow and investment capital rather than say 9x1k in a more diversified portfolio but yields slower cashflow. My goal is try and aggressively build up capital in the short medium term. Your thought process would be insightful. Cheers

  4. Your content is golden and really teachers the viewers how to do their own research and analysis. Eye opening. Keep it coming.

  5. Another helpful video (Nils here). Actually had seen grainery relatively early but was hesitant to getting burned. After watching your vid now I will interact today (hopefully not being too late for the first airdrop).

  6. Hey Nick I see libero are coming to ftm , how do you think the ftm community will take a high apy compounder?

  7. hey Nick love the videos, keep teaching your channel and youtube how your mind thinks about crypto and exposure. id like to hear your thoughts on what a good intermediate strategy would be for the granary, maybe a bullish and bearish example. i am new to lending protocols and would appreciate some strategies laid out. thanks and good work.

  8. Bro i appreciate all this info so much. Figured out how to do several of these protocols on my own in the last months involved endless hours of study. Wish I found you sooner. These lending platforms are like a dream come true. but i just went through a nightmare, lost a fortune. learning how to trade at the worst possible time ever. Lucky I had a LQDR stake that stayed put. Now, building back. I need all the help I can get.

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