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What’s a winner classic latest proposal what this latest upgrade means to tuna Classic this means a lot the proposal to increase the tax Bond means a lot for terminal classic I mean it means Fortuna classic and one impressive thing is that many exchanges are already accepting this okay yes they are accepting this

Purpose and I’m happy for that uh cool is one of them binance is one of them and they also have others are coming out to say they are ready to support this so This actually means a lot for Techna class because at this moment they need

It they need it because lunc have really really uh is not doing well right now and if nothing good if nothing is done about it right now uh you might end up seeing LGC before the end of the month trading with uh over maybe below 100 million dollars market car which is good

Which is for me at that point it is over 14 classes they’re not content might just crash out because it will be difficult for 29 plastic to bounce back once you get to that point so right now this is why you see all these proposal

Is coming up this is why you see some people individuals burning coins this is why you see everyone is trying to contribute in one way or the other they can help to keep this coin active to keep this coin going to keep the dream moving to keep the target going and I

Believe uh for me I actually bought a classic coin about I was after the Christ that was when I invested until now classic yes I invested after the crash last year and I I bought on a classic and I believe one thing that if uh tuna classic hit at least uh ten

Thousand or a hundred thousand percent that is that is mainly the Target that is mainly my personal Target and of course I discovered that so many people have also bought this coin especially when it comes to the area of some top crypto exchange billionaires who actually invested on this coin so I was

Like wow if such people can really I mean have interest on Terminal classic and I also love the fact that the truth in the issue of tax Bond I also love the fact that they have good uh plan for this coin so that is what pushed me to

Invest until not classic I also have push me so I’m talking more about tuna classic and why I keep doing videos about classes for the fact that this coin people before after they lost a lot of money so we want to help this coin to revive so a lot of people will still

Make money back on this coin so for me I’ll just give you one top teaching to understand my crypto industry please before you invest for a long time run you need to use technical analysis I use a lot of technical analysis for Toyota Classic the fighter and to investors are

Not classic I didn’t just invest on technology because I want to buy tuna classic because I feel Bina CC also owns the not classic coins I actually invested until now classy because of the long time project you have I invested until now classic because of the technical analysis after checking the

Technical analysis uh making use of someone identical tools in the long run not in a short run I see that okay what I’m seeing is it’s good for me what I’m saying is impressive for me and I believe in a long run this car will definitely return some profit for me

Okay so that was these are the things that pushed me to invest on toner classic lnc so I also believe on a long project okay most of Bitcoins I normally invest I invest on a long-term project coins I don’t buy coins because I want to I want to make profit instantly okay so

There are some coins you see in the little investor and this particular coin you discover that these coins within the next one to moist see then start dropping and when they dropped they will take months or years for them to recover back to where you where they

Were when you bought it actually your money is hanging somewhere so I don’t invest on crypto coins because most of the coins are at least 80 percent of my investment of crypto industry goes towards a long time project okay like for Shiva into some of the coins I

Already invested and let me tell you the truth since I’m possible you know the over two years I have not even opened my wallet to check I just bought them and I left Shiba you know for a very long period I had a specific date I will have

To check some of these coins so I’m actually investing for a long-term project same go for terminal classic I was also even went to another classic was actually dropping recently A lot of people are pulling out I didn’t pull out of terminal classic I decided to wait

Because that is my goal for Turner Classic a long time project despite what happened I’m not saying you should follow all your copy what I’m between but remember if you are buying you need to invest what you can afford to lose so I still believe about to buy crypto

Coins please analyze these coins very well check this coin very well try to know that their projects have to know the next one two three four five years project just like Shiba Deutsch I love Shiba Deutsche the first of the long time project and also the history of

What they’ve achieved I mean when the crypto coins comes out to say we want to achieve this this year and for the end of the year they achieved it the next day they sent it repeated I mean it simply means they know what they are doing this is the reason why I also

Choose Shiba does as one of the best cryptocoin long time project for me please remember this is on the financial advisor please can I do on Research before taking any decisions



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