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Why the KINESIS LABS stable swap is CHANGING the COSMOS ECOSYSTEM! The Boring DAO Podcast Ep02

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Kinesis Labs is a stable coin swap launching on Evmos. In this episode, 0xEsper from the Kenesis Labs team shares why the launch of a dedicated stable coin swap is huge, not only for Evmos, but for the entire Cosmos ecosystem. He explains to us how the protocol differentiates from other AMMs like Osmosis and Uniswap V2 forks and what the future plans for Kinesis Labs will be.

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Social Links:
Kinesis Labs: https://twitter.com/KinesisLabs
The Boring DAO: https://twitter.com/The_Boring_DAO
Rahul Patel: https://twitter.com/The_Pleb_VC
Lukasinho: https://twitter.com/cryptolukasinho

00:00 Intro
00:57 What is Kinesis Labs?
01:49 How Kinesis Labs makes a difference
03:19 Why Kinesis Labs is more efficient than other AMM
06:00 The usecase of the KNS token
08:52 To which ecosystem Kinesis will bridge
10:58 Why people should bridge to Cosmos
13:46 The solution for liquidity fragmentation
16:46 Information about the Kinesis Team
18:20 Wen mainnet launch? What comes next?
20:55 Contacts and outro


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