Why USDC Is a No Brainer for HandCash – Alex Agut

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  1. The USDC is a danger to all crypto. We see a lot of lies about the provision and there is still no audit. Why? What are they hiding?

  2. If the USDC continues to lie about its security and does not conduct an audit, then it will be dangerous for the entire crypto.

  3. Why is USDC a problem for the entire crypto community? Because we still don't see the audit. Many traders refuse this stable coin because they are not sure of the full security.

  4. OK. This is the CEO who is now side stepping away from BSV. Throwing comments around like, "Very few people use it" etc.

    But, lets put this into perspective. This is the CEO of a company that is responsible for onboarding new users into the ecosystem via their Wallet. Here he is flapping his beak on Youtube. If you search for "Handcash" on Youtube. This man is responsible for 125 Subscribers and has produced 4 videos in how many years! Absolute marketing flop. It frustrates me to hear his "Buck Passing"

  5. Nice to hear what is happening and why at Handcash. Smart management and prioritizing by Handcash team.

  6. I really hope you will be able to have an escrow feature!!

    A betting ability in your pocket anytime you want is so cool!

  7. If we are talking about the USDC, then I am very interested in why they do not conduct an audit? What is hidden behind this?

  8. Just a reminder:
    HandCash (or anyone else) should not ignore the fact that USDC is a scam, and they need to think about after effects them supporting it with their wallet/app once the scam gets exposed (which it will eventually)

  9. BSV need a better SDK for software developers and open source community. Only a flourish open source community and thousands of apps will bring BSV to mass adoption. The best utility should be microtransaction : game industry and social media, then finance.

  10. USDC might be very effective at acting as a surrogate for transitioning regular people's minds from fiat to bitcoin!

  11. Of course Larry Summers' KyC-required USDC is a great choice for RussiaSanctionsWallet. BSV has jumped the shark. What a squandered opportunity. Thankfully it looks like the entirety of the brypto ecosystem is going to burn to the ground.

  12. HandCash pushed a new update yesterday and removed currency conversion so now my BSV only shows the USD value but I’m in Australia so now I have to manually convert USD to AUD to figure out how much “actual” money I have in my HandCash wallet. This is a step back in usability for me and everyone else in the world who doesn’t reside in the US. I’m sad 🙁

  13. What is USDC backed by? How are we sure about that. How will a buyer know the risk of they tell us porkies about that?

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