Terra Luna Classic - LUNC

Will Do Kwon/TFL Ever Shut Down Terra #LUNA Classic?!?!

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  1. From my point of view, Do Kwon's behavior is similar to that of a scammer trying to take advantage of his victims. And the only way that will stop him from continuing to act like this is when he realizes that prison will be his next destination…

  2. Plus all those clowns got snatched up in South Korea and will be eventually facing heavy fines. So they are not going to do something stupid like shut lunc down.

  3. To me it would be in their best interest to not shut down LUNC, if they did it would surely mean the death of 2.0….. people would lose absolute hope in terra as a whole if they made that decision.

  4. My trading journey was a matriculation of highs and lows, literally just like the market. you up, you down. Now I'm constantly up

  5. I hope people will realize that they put their usdt at huge risk by gambling on luna

  6. Hey Matt, great video as always. Are you interested in doing a collab video on CRO or Terra Luna? I think it would be an awesome idea especially to bring the community together. Let me know brother!

  7. Hey CRO fam, just dropped a new CRO video. Check it out as we are rallying the CRO community together right now. LETS GO CRO FAM!!

  8. Mrs Charlotte is legit and her methods works like magic I keep on earning every single week with her new strategy.

  9. I think with Do Kwon’s upcoming court cases that it would be crazy for him to do anything negative to LUNC. This also may be the reason that he is not doing much to help the outside projects that are now in place to revitalize Luna Classic. I would imagine that Do Kwon’s lawyers are advising him to stay away from the entire project. 

    What will happen in the future is hard to say, and to me that is why LUNC is such a huge gamble. I am holding several million and if the price drops significantly again, I may double my holdings, because I do believe that it would greatly benefit Do Kwon legally if LUNC does not fail.

    I also hold a lot of SHIB, and I believe that LUNC will reach a penny way before SHIB does, because of the amount of burn initiatives for LUNC along with the comparative amount of the numbers of each.

    In my opinion, until some kind of regulations are put into place, investing in any crypto is a gamble. With all the rug pulls and bad devs, Crypto really is like the Wild West. The advice “Don’t spend what you can not afford to loose” is something that I always keep in mind.

  10. Bro, are you still creating content for LUNC, seriously man you need to get over with LUNC’s dead 💀

  11. Simply it would effect negatively the 2.0 cause the holders of 2.0 they will said if he close the old one what will preventing him from close the 2.0 also plus dokown have always the upper hand in the voting system so its gona be a joke that cost billions

  12. Matt, can you explain, realistically, how LUNC will be affected when when UST is repeged to 1$…with or without the Burns we are waiting for.

  13. Theres no dowt lunac is a big project.. im holding 1 million luna tokens … if it reaches 1$ im laughing … its gone to 100$ before it can reach 1$ again … and probs will get there before shiba inu

  14. If they wanted to completely shut lunc down they would have done it right after they launched Luna2.0 but if they still want to shut lunc completely down they would again be responsible for millions of dollars that people had invested after the attack and many many people are still investing in it I JUST HOPE THEY DON'T CAUSE THAT WOULD BE CRIMINAL

  15. What about the infamous 'kill switch' that Kwon himself mentioned? Has anything been done to negate that possibility?

  16. I really appreciate your clear and simple breakdown on financial pitfalls! I lost so much money on stock market but now making $4,000+ every week trading different stocks and cryptos

  17. I’m so sick, to the point of not watching comments anymore, of all the fake comments and bots posting on EVERY high profile!!

    DO SOMETHING!! You can’t even talk about a video or ask questions anymore…. It’s all shit.

    If you have a high profile channel – you NEED to sort this out…. And YouTube needs to get their shit together or else this whole platform will disintegrate within a couple of years.

    It’s worthless for commenting and support.

  18. XPANSION GAME!!! spending alot of time on your PC??? XPANSION GAME your MONEY ENGINE!!!! get it EARLEY!!!!! WIN !@

  19. Thanks for continues updates! I am super excited about how my investments is going so far, making over $13k every week is an amazing gain

  20. We need a fast way to check for multiple wallets owned by the same.. If a whale has 50 wallets they're harder to find and don't seem as big

  21. Can they though? All they can do is crash the price with the bags or any wallets they control…. If they shut down their validator we still have others

  22. You took your cash out of lunat and now you spread fud about lunc:)))) yes great youtubers:)))))

  23. why would you try to impress people to fall in love to this junk project…move on dude…or keep the token to yourself or your relatives…you make me laugh 😂

  24. Since when did you become so radical about LUNC? Please make more positive videos, Don't be shocked by the content,
    The Lunc community is a large community with the support of TFL
    Vegas has said the burn will happen on September 12th, if TFL doesn't support the burn system upgrade, Vegas and the validators will do it manually.

  25. Terra 2.0 won't make any progress until they do right by the holders of LUNC. you can't f**k everyone over and pretend it never happened. 2.0 contract came out too fast which imply crash was planned.

  26. Even with the current dip in crypto currency’s, I’m still glad I can smile 😊 back at my portfolio of $46,700 built from my weekly trade, I’m having my fourth withdrawal in 10 business days😊

  27. I am not living in a fantasy world. It's far fetched that Classic will ever make it near a $100 Mark in my lifetime ( I'm 48 years old). I would just like for it too get at or near the $1.00 price and if it gets slightly higher it'll all be a blessing.

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