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Will Solana turn TO DUST ?? ⁉️ Should I take TWT and what happens to Bitcoin? | Bitcoin trade

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🔴 Is it possible to catch the bottom of Solana now? Or is it only possible to lose money? When to open positions on TWT and an important nuance on bitcoin!

🟢 Guys, at the end I’ll tell you if it’s worth buying TWT and when, so go in to watch a new review of bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market, hugged 🤟🏽

🟢 Binance has temporarily stopped deposits in USDT and USDC issued on the Solana network. What does this mean for traders? And bitcoin gives pathetic impulses of volatility every day. Let me remind you that bitcoin has dropped from $47,000 to $17,000 in 11 months since the beginning of the year and lost more than 60% in 2022! Bitcoin is trading at $16,500 today. There are no special reasons for a green rocket, if we don’t get super positive news 🙂 In the meantime, BTC is boring flat, you can take a look at altcoins)

🟢 What is happening now on the BTC and SP500 chart? What to expect after the weekend? Where to open positions on BTC and TWT? I will tell you what is the priority for transactions with the team and possible scenarios so that you understand where you can open positions.

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✔️ The video will be as useful to you as possible, even if you do not understand the terms and cryptocurrencies at all. But you will be able to understand where and how the market is moving, analyze trends, act competently and multiply your funds.

✔️ There are no complicated charts and technical analysis here, I tell you in simple language how we analyze the chart so that absolutely anyone can earn on cryptocurrency.

🔴 This video and its contents are intended for informational purposes and do not constitute an investment recommendation.

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  1. Compare the volume in the BTC/USDT market in Binance starting in the past summer to before that. Why is the volume suddenly more than during the height of the bull run? They're up to something involving BTC and USDT, why are they churning it like that?

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