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Let’s answer that question on everyone’s mind… will Stellar XLM Lumens fail?

We talk about on chain analytics, partnerships, usage of Lumens XLM and more in this video and their correlation to success.

With FTX and Blockfi having serious issues the contagion will keep on spreading.




We give fun concise news to keep you updated and get you on to the rest of your day.

The Terra LUNA UST fallout, FTX, Blockfi, Celsius, Voyager and others have cost the globe billions in both the crypto market and the stock markets. The lack of regulation in the crypto industry is leading to so painful situations.

Let’s be clear here, what happens to Bitcoin BTC affects the entirety of the crypto market including XLM, XRP, ETH ETC
2022 will have so many big events for Stellar XLM and Ripple XRP.. With ETH and BTC dealing with gas fees, XLM and XRP don’t have the same concern.

With DEFI and CBDC being big on the crypto radar this video will fill those needs. Yes, we go deep and organic and bring you the juicy bits related to STELLAR.
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XRP news today
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Big thank you to the Reddit community for all the support!

We cover NFT Mana Stellar XLM Lumens bitcoin blockchain DRDGOLD Gold OIL LOOM DNT VMAR RIPPLE QUANT QNT and more!

This is not investment advice and is meant purely for entertainment purposes.


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  1. Xlm and ripple was the only people on the board of World Economic Form. So they have the best chance of making it.Maybe Gary will be fired.Our government is so corrupt its ridiculous

  2. What do we do is stellar making it or are they going to fail the price keeps on going lower and lower.I personally think their playing with us.I think the government is going to shut us down.

  3. What do we do is stellar making it or are they going to fail the price keeps on going lower and lower.I personally think their playing with us.I think the government is going to shut us down.

  4. Hello Klaus!! Thank you for all you do!! I see all your videos!! Congratulations!! Are amazing!! I have one question for you: what happen with the XLM fee pool?? Is this fee pool burned??

  5. stellar is going to be one of the ones chosen by the Globalists.
    see these globalists who control the banks . they control money markets to the tune of 2 quadrillion dollars.
    the Crypto market now is about 1 trilioin.
    so nobody is going anywhere without them. they will choose a basket of cryptos to Run on.
    I beleive they are Algorand , Steller XLM. Ripple XRP , bitcoin , ETH , Chainlink , filecoin , Dogecoin and Shiba and some others that have already gotten into the psyche of the masses.

  6. I’ve never heard a straight man continuously say, “Girlfriend”. Other than that, I like the input

  7. Yeah stellar will fail , if you have XLM I’ll hold it for you 😀 it’s trash anyways I’ll provide my wallet address .

  8. So what then will drive the price of either xlm or xrp if the actual token is not used for the trasaction? I hold both.

  9. I will never stop loving common sense crypto channel. That being said, Klaus has a grasp of this space, like no other. Great content.

  10. Can you explain how if a bank uses a stable coin is used how is the xlm or xrp token used

  11. CrApto holders are complicit in the digital incarceration of their own grandchildren because of their simplistic, shortsighted perspective of CrApto.
    It would take them decades to realise satoshi nakamoto is a tech think tank funded by big bankers. Bankers who have been hoovering up money from CrApto losers while fooling them into testing the BlockCHAIN infrastructure which will incarcerate the planet.
    CrApto holders are gullible af. AND almost ALL are LOST(gave) money to their owners. The bankers. Or Bankmen 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  12. You're by far my favorite crypto channel. Never lose that honesty; it's a dying trait in this space.

  13. No, SDF as a non-profit has been much less conspicuous than Ripple could ever hope to be. So if SDF loses and Ripple wins, you know the system is very corrupt, and it's just a matter of "buying" justice and political favors.

  14. Absolutely not, but the masses must be convinced that they will.
    Look at how they are being utilized and you will know that all the bad news are smoking mirrors.

  15. It will succeed but if your not in the old boys club your units of account will be censored. BTC and BTCZ stacking for me like balls to the wall son.

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