Withdrawal proofs on What is Binance Smart Chain Community Yield Farming(BSCYF)

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Daily earnings in bscyf and referral commissions

1000$ gives you 45$ daily

900$ gives you 40.5$ daily

800$ gives you 36$ daily

700$ gives you 31.5$ daily

600$ gives you 27$ daily

500$ you earn 4.5% daily which gives you 22.5$. In this 22.5$,

400$ staking gives you 18$ daily

300$ gives you 13.5$ daily

200$ gives you 9$ daily

100$ gives you 4.5$ daily

50 gives you 2.25$ daily

25$ gives you 1.125$ daily

Referral bonus up to 5 levels
Level 1==== 7%
Level 2====3%
Level 3====1%
Level 4====0.75%
Level 5====0.25%
To join us download trust Wallet from play store or apple store and create an account. Then copy this my https://bscyf.com?ref=0x88801c67Fe5Fda690c27FDfC5A3e2E5e9A98f384

Go into your trust wallet and click on the icon Dapps below. Then paste the address up and click on search. Once it opens change the coin from Etherium to BNB coin and the platform will open.

Buy your bnb from me or from anybody.
Screw down and click on the 4.5% staking daily. Put the number of bnb and click on stake

For any issues contact me 654788222


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