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Women Leaders Impact Change Globally : Kate Porter : SafeMoon

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The dialogue continued to grow in a virtual broadcast presentation on March 24, 2022, by Kate Porter, SafeMoon’s Global Director of HR, at the “Women Leaders Impact Change Globally” event presented by the NGO Committee on Sustainable Development-NY together with the Coalition UN We Need, the PVBLIC Foundation and partnering organizations including SafeMoon.

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  1. thank Ms. Porter for your comments of encouragement and passion. I'm sure you'll do great things at SafeMoon and the Crypto Space. I'm behind you 100%.

  2. Alguém alguma vez teve problema com a carteira da Trust Wallet? Eu entrei hoje na minha, e percebi movimentações de Safemoon para outra carteira, sendo que em nenhum momento eu fiz isto. Minha conta está no zero, e estou desesperado. Se alguém puder me ajudar a solucionar isto, eu fico totalmente grato. Tinha um total de 4500 reais investidos. Nossa, estou sem acreditar até agora, e com a esperança de que seja um erro.

  3. What an awesome hobby to have! Absolutely love the look of this!

    Proud to be a SafeMoon holder!!

  4. Safemoon Army all the way…these guys are going to be so huge..wish everyone could see the long term vision of the company

  5. Question. Why does everything as to be about being a woman or man, black or white, rich or power. All those are words designed to create division. None the less congratulations.

  6. Great motivation 🙏🙏🙏
    Safemoon is good project

  7. I believed in safemoon not anymore. Not selling. I want to see where this ride ends.

  8. So very proud to hear a passionate voice from the Australian arm of SafeMoon! You’re an inspiration Kate! 💪🏼🙏🏻🦘

  9. Way to go Kate let's push this shuttle together and help it blast through the atmosphere on its way to the moon 🚀🌕

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