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World Cup Crypto Fan Tokens | Chiliz $CHZ Skyrockets in Utility

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On this episode, we’re breaking down the inevitable rise & popularity of Fan Tokens. Even with massive amount of market dollars pouring into FIFA World Cup sponsorships by Algorand,, ByBit, Binance, and Sorare… the clear winner here is the Chiliz ecosystem of Fan Tokens.

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~World Cup Crypto Fan Tokens | Chiliz $CHZ Skyrockets in Utility~
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  1. I have a question. On Luna Network you could have ETH or other coins which wasnt native tokens of Luna Network? If yes what happend with them after collapse? You lose your ETH on Luna Network or you could still exchange them 1:1?

  2. Thanks for the analysis. Haven’t bought any chiliz but maybe I should add it to my portfolio —maybe it will dip after World Cup

  3. Hey Paul, long time follower just wanted to say the Metaverse we know as UPLAND is at the forefront of Web3 Gaming, and has just announced a partnership with FIFA World Cup. Please have a piece on Upland and all the revenue streams a users can potentially involve themselves in, plus the latest developments in their new Layer 2 3rd party development launch which provides dev tool kits/SDKs to build on top of the Upland game stack. Hope to see this soon, I even suggest having them on the show, have a blessed day – LosMontana9

  4. I'm not sure if CHZ pumped only in expectation of the world cup or will it pump till finals so going into CHZ is not safe for me right now. If CHZ gets some insane pump I will short the shi* out of it for sure.

  5. My heart says England, but Brazil, Belgium and France will be hard to beat. C'mon Engeeeeeeerland!

  6. Whoever is the smallest country with least amount of talent and least amount of money but the scrappiest rag tag bunch get some ❤

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