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XEN Crypto (XEN) may make Millionaires (like DOGE).

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DOGE coin has made many people rich and soon it may be used on Twitter. XEN Crypto (XEN) is a token that may allow people who missed the DOGE run to make massive gains! Watch and follow as we ride the XEN Crypto (XEN) wave to the moon!

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  1. Will Xen mint continue in future? Or just limited time ? Could you give us answer if possible?

  2. Does the amount of days you choose while minting have influence on amount of XEN you get? Or it is always the same amount everybody receives? How much XEN we get in one mint?

  3. judging a coin on market cap is just stupid , xen supply will keep increasing so its a wrong way to look at it. there is no buy pressure on xen even stkaing is a wasted since you just need gas and mint max days and get way more then staking or even needing to buy it.

  4. Too many very rich people and millions of unnecessarily poor people. There is no trickle down wealth that will ever get to the poorest because the rich will take even more and the poor will get next to nothing and barely be able to survive, ..many won't survive. Invest wisely!!

  5. I agree on many points BUT: Doge moon not out of nowhere. Elon did this. No one else. Here we need a promoter with range to make is also moon. Otherwise is will getting tough to reach this Doge value. But iam quite optimistic. Thanks for given us this opportunity to learn from your experience.

  6. Have You wondered before how much the total supply could be after years? Just curious of Your opinion

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