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XRP $1000 PER The Worlds 1st Open Payment Network #XRP or #BTC FACTS About the Future ON MONEY

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10,000 #XRP × $100 = $1,000,000
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Ripple CTO Thinks Big Damage to Crypto Billionaires Could Be Made in Coming Months

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0:15 – So it begins Some see it some dont
11:45 – The Puzzle is coming together #XRP #XDC #XLM
19:00 – Bitcoin Crypto currencies is a Property and a Currency

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  1. <><>Amazing video and thank you for breaking it down !! Despite the economic downturn, i,m so happy I have been earning $ 60,200 returns from my $7,000 investment every 13days<><>

  2. No hate but keep watching this dude persuade y’all and if you continue to you’re gonna be broke, doesn’t do any deep dives into companies finances (Celsius prime example) skims through social media content to get information on his crypto investments. No hate on bullzilla, great guy it seems but I would not join his journey unless you want to lose your money on alt coins that’ll go to zero because they have no utility at all. If you took all his 100k challenges and invested into all his coins, you’d be down a hefty chunk of change be careful and do your own research. Reading articles online and watching videos on politicians talk about crypto when they have zero knowledge behind crypto currency is not research. Good luck stay safe. Bitboy crypto portfolio is one of the worse out there.

  3. I’ve been watching you for years! I don’t ever post but I would like to share a suggestion. Here lately I notice myself fast forwarding through your show a lot lately. It’s always through the very long intro with long pauses searching for info and the music(even though I do love the music). We like when Hodle Model is on with you because she brings a good vibe in it with you. Keep up the great work!!! Love it!!!

  4. I don't get a chance to check out your show much these days. A suggesting. Kill the shout outs, focus on the subject at hand and I'm sure you will see more growth bruh. Crypto is maturing and you have a lot of conservative people coming into crypto.

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