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  1. Resonate pools there are two actors – Issuer and Purchaser. The Issuer can sell his future yield (at a slight discount) in exchange for upfront payment and locking his tokens for the prescribed period. The Purchaser can buy the rights to that future yield. Resonate finance

  2. Dusty i just want to say that i respect you for staying here with us! When the bull market comes back i wish you millions of streams <3

  3. Congress needs to differentiate between types of crypto & their regulating bodies not a judge or court or SEC in my opinion. The Ripple / SEC court case outcome can be appealed & doesn't take NFT regulation into account. This case is just tip of iceberg of pain.

  4. hear me out the name sam bankman fried is rubbing me the wrong way it seems to be an acronym for somthing ? perhaps uncle sam bank_man has been freed from? the federal reserve or??? am i just looking to much into this odd name? LOL the world is a stage

  5. All The FUD 😃 I love it! The great shake out… A once in a lifetime buying opportunity.
    Patiently waiting, and ready, to swoop in and take the massive discounts that are heading our way!

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