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XRP/RIPPLE HOLDERS! *NO ONE SAW THIS COMING!?!* But It's Not As Bad As It Looks… Trust Me

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  1. Hayden drop is Binance – Ftx share sell off announced by CZ and potential insolvency issues Alameda Research/FTX Sam Bankmanfried. Major Market forces tied into major investors. Nothing more. XRP stack your bags at levels. You will not be able to touch this once case closes this yr via settlement or by March 2023 ruling. XRP will defy all technical analysis. In the meantime make money day trading and trend trade. When it's all over I'll be back to tell you so! Cheers! trading community. OG This whole drop is rigged based on fear. Stack your damn bags!!! Besides Binace-CZ is buying FTX how about them apples of stabilizing the markets. FTX is much cheaper to buy out and keeping trust in exchanges rather than losing immediate and future profits over the long haul.

  2. Once Bitcoin hits 10K again, all faith will be lost. It's not a store of value. It's been a pump and dumps since 2010. Gold is a store of value…

  3. It's all because of the news with FTX. Binance and FTX seem to be at war with each other and it's effecting the whole of crypto.

  4. Um, a lot of people saw this coming. EVERYTHING will be heading to a NEW bottom. The FED will break STOCKS and FTX will break this market! Cash and metals are a temporary safe haven!

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