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  1. Dam bro, im a noob but there not gonna be lower prices, its a v bottom to the moon (ath, elonsmusk go to the moon december this year space x) he told us he would send dogecoin to mars (or the moon). This is a unexpected event ftx.. So last drop is "fake". Recovery time. And if there is a meteor landing on your USB drive u screwed so im not gonna do that. If it gets stolen im gonna find that guy and ask him my money back🔫. Prices are tooooo cheap big booooom incomming!

  2. I actually disagree a little here. I believe the the trend is now up. Since Oct 14th, we have been in an uptrend. Now you may say, since Dec 31st we have been in a downtrend. That's correct, but there always has to be a bottom, and I believe it was on Oct 14th. Opinions only matter until they're proven. I'll tell you how I guessed this bottom if this comes true.

  3. Quick XRP leverage pinches are where the easy money is at, just don't get caught in the wind.. close the position before major losses if it takes off… Know the Chart & Indicators!!

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  5. This is absolutely significant, your videos are classic and comprehensive for one’s understanding…I do appreciate your works to the community!What is the best way to make money from crypto trading.

  6. To think that someone buying into crypto next week at super lows will almost only experience crypto price rising. I'm jelly.

  7. So 80% chance we go up? Your previous videos about us going up turned out to be the inverse.

  8. Everyone Needs More Than Their Basic. Salary To Be Financially Secured, The Best Thing To do With your Money is To Invest, Money Left In Savings Always End Up Used With No Returne

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