XSET vs TSM FTX // North American League 2022 – Stage 3 – Playday #6

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Map start:
Theme Park: 2:01

XSET vs TSM FTX in the sixth playday of the North American League 2022 Stage 3

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  1. People are talking about how tsm is falling off, I dont think that's really it, I just think they probably knew they were in 1st on points and didn't want to really try super duper hard, to conserve mental stamina, no disrespect to xset, I love xset as well, I just think that 1, this is a bad map for tsm, and 2, I dont think they were trying as hard as they could have

  2. Chala>>>>>>>>>>>>gasher! Ik he s a rookie but chala’s clutchness ,frag ability,and consistency is clear of gasher

  3. Snake is legit. Achieved let his team down today. Not winning his ones and taking way too long to start using sledge’s hammer.

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