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YUGUO Mall Review|| Get Paid USDT Daily || Earn Crypto currency Daily doing a task

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Hello guys welcome to my channel in this video I will show you guys on how you can make money online for this new platform and all you have to do is really just complete a true task and you get paid directly to your words so right

Here is your home page we’re showing you the company profile and the membership list of people who are already any thousands of you as you see on this platform so let’s now take you guys to the sign up page and show you guys on how you can start to end from this

Platform those web completion two times daily and you get paid for it so in this homepage here you input your email address your password your security person and you input the invitation code in my description box and right now you are going to click on sign in button now

I will sign into my own dashboard and I’ll show you guys the process right now on the announcement page there will be showing that for every standard Personnel appear as a new user here you’ll be given a free 13 USD and the minimum deposition 6 you exiting which

You’ll be using to make money for the next 60 days as and these six usdc will make you how much which I’m going to tell you right now is that you’ll be making 1.2 usdc daily I’m making This 1.2 you edit it for the next 60 days is actually profitable for you

To start doing this online as your side income and there are other ways you can also earn more which will be making you more than 10 usdc you should be making you more than 100 USD and which you also be making you more than thousands of SDC

Which you can also subscribe to but right now as a new user I have subscribed to the first one actually best one for you right now and when you start anymore you keep improving and going higher in your income right now first thing first you need to go over to

Deposit speed and you’ll be given a unique address which you copy over and go over to your own digital version here and your input you click on the send button here as a uscc which will be sending it did our C20 so you click on the send and you paste the address over

Here and you input the amount of us that you are sending which will be six you exiting you’re going to attract the minimum amount you can transfer for you to activate on this platform and you can start to end and remember this platform I’ve already been giving you a free 13 uscc which

Means adding Security Agency which actually making 19 you’re exiting and you’ll be making 1.2 you exit daily first and you can see right here on your first VIP one which says it has been unlocked now you go over to the home button where you can actually go over to

Complete this total scale each task will pay you 0.60 usdc right now you click on go to finish so after clicking you can just see within three seconds here it has been completed you click on next one again within few seconds here it has been completed so right here you have

Completed this task guys here you can see this just what you can just do in just few seconds and you get paid to your wallets right now I’ve upped 20.2 in my wallet channel so I will go over and apply for withdrawal so I can

Receive this in my body so I’ll be going over to the home page where you can address and I’ll be showing you each of my transactions I’ve made on this platform right now I’ll go over to the home page here I should click on the withdrawal button

So right now you can see this is the 1.2 USD you can withdraw every 24 hours you’re doing 1.2 every 24 hours here and guess what they are ways you can earn more than this so now let’s go and input our receiving address where you would

Like to receive this 1.3 uscc now you go over to your receipt button here you copy the address here and you go over and you paste the address over here so pasting the address here you input your security password you set up when you are signed up to this website so right

Now you click on the setup button now click on the confirm confirm but sincere withdrawal succeeded now you have successfully withdraw this right now why waiting for distributor and let me show you guys some of the transaction of media so these are differential records showing the 13

Given by the standard bonus and the six percent deposited and also how I make this 1.3 USD by just completing two tasks right here so when this is completed right here I will show you guys payment proof in my Waters so while doing waiting for that say let me show

You guys two ways you can be any more than this 1.3 your editing that can benefit you and we this simple way is actually for you to copy this your referral link here you paste it on social media you send it to your friend you are also in touch you want to make

Money online and when they actually recharge and when they also start and it will keep getting percentage from them and you can also withdraw it to your own wallet right now to go over to my voltage here to confirm this payment of my withdrawal of 1.2 USD so come mobile

Refresh map you can enter this year is actually received so this is me showing the life group payment from this website that’s paying 1.2 USD then right now successfully receive this imagine any this for the next 60 days now imagine any more than this using your new referral code which actually been making

You more so right now you go over here and you keep any eye income as a side income so this is how you can make money online follow me subscribe and thank you for watching

Join YUGUO Mall and participate in it! This mall invites investment from all over the world, and friends with strength are welcome to contact us.

Registration link: https://yuguomall.cc/?Q461903

Telegram 24-hour customer service: https://t.me/YUGUOmall Register to receive 13 USDT, the minimum recharge is 6 USDT Withdrawal limit: 1 USDT Maximum single withdrawal: 100000 USDT Withdrawal times: 1 time Withdrawal time: 7*24 hours (unlimited) VIP income details: Level 1: 19 USDT, recharge 6 USDT, daily income 1.2 USDT Level 2: 59 USDT, deposit 46 USDT, daily income 10.5 USDT Level 3: 129 USDT, deposit 116 USDT, daily income 29 USDT Level 4: 289 USDT, deposit 276 USDT, daily income 69 USDT Level 5: 569 USDT, deposit 556 USDT, daily income 139 USDT Level 6: 1399 USDT, deposit 1386 USDT, daily income 346.5 USDT Level 7: 3979 USDT, recharge 3966 USDT, daily income 1134 USDT (subordinates upgrade to VIP7, he can get 3%, 2%, 1% task commission for completing the task every day to the third level) Level 8: 10,929 USDT, recharge 10,916 USDT, daily income 3,639 USDT (subordinates upgrade to VIP8, he can get 4%, 2%, 1% task commission for completing the task every day to the third level) Level 9: 30119 USDT, recharge 30106 USDT, daily income 13006 USDT (Subordinates upgrade to VIP9, and he can get 5%, 2%, and 1% task commissions for completing the task every day to the third level) Level 10: 90989 USDT, recharge 90976 USDT, daily income 49999 USDT (Subordinates upgrade to VIP10, and he can get 6%, 2%, and 1% mission commissions for completing missions every day to be superior to the third level) —————————————————- —————————— Team Commission: A B C Rebate 10% 2% 1% A-level members 10%, the other party recharges 1000 USDT, you get 100 USDT 2% for B-level members, the other party recharges 1000 USDT, and you get 20 USDT C-level member 1%, the other party recharges 1000 USDT, you get 10 USDT Daily task commission for third-level subordinates When your subordinates upgrade to VIP7 or above, the three-level commission ratio of the task commission is as follows: VIP7, daily task commission (level 3 can get 3%, 2%, 1% task commission) VIP8, daily task commission (level 3 can get 4%, 2%, 1% task commission) VIP9, daily task commission (level 3 can get 5%, 2%, 1% task commission) VIP10, daily task commission (3rd level can get 6%, 2%, 1% task commission) For example: Subordinates upgrade to VIP7, subordinates complete daily tasks, The first-level superior can get 3% of the daily task commission of 1134 every day, 34.02. The second-level superior can get 2% of the daily task commission of 1134 every day, 22.68. The third-level superior can get 1% of the daily task commission of 1134 every day, 11.34. The total team recharge amount is recalculated every day Additional rewards for team recharge on the day: Team recharge reaches 569 USDT, reward 20 USDT Team recharge reaches 1200 USDT, reward 30 USDT Team recharge reaches 2800 USDT, reward 90 USDT Team recharge reaches 5000 USDT, reward 270 USDT Team recharge reaches 11000 USDT, reward 900 USDT Team recharge reaches 18000 USDT, reward 2000 USDT Team recharge reaches 30000 USDT, reward 3330 USDT Team recharge reaches 100000 USDT, reward 9900 USDT 24 hours to meet the recharge requirements, consult the platform customer service at any time to collect, and recalculate after timeout! ==================================================== ==================================================== ================================ 1. Recommend more users to join your promotion link, the more commission rewards you get, the commission charged by the recommended users will directly enter into your membership Member account, you can withdraw cash directly! 2. Tell your team that the company registration invitation link can be promoted in any social software, as follows: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, instarma, TikTok, KAO KAO, VK, WhatsApp group, Telegram group, etc.


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