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  1. 尼克,

    Great video, but please do this on your next video with LUNC:

    You need to place emphasis on the following:

    (1) Fed rate hike will be announced on Sept 20th with a possible full percentage, The crypto market will respond at 5:30 am. Expect a dump.

    (2) The whales will sell on September 20th to short, and people will be impatient and sell. We could see the biggest drop on September 20th.

    PLEASE PLEASE 警告你的观众 - 告诉你的观众保持。

    LUNC is going to dump around September 20th.

    Please prepare your viewers what to expect.



  2. From now on I do the exact opposite of what you say,because that's what happens every single time you made a TA 🙄

  3. Hey Nick thanks for the analysis, I am trying to understand and somewhat learn technical trading, but its all Alien to me! I just don't understand how all these concepts are applied, one person reads charts somewhat different to another. Also there seems to be so many methods and applications to reading/predicting charts. Fundamental analysis seems more logical to me, but also doesn't prove more reliable as outcomes can happen that are out of peoples hands. Do Kwon warrant a great example. This all feels like somewhat gambling and he who can count the cards better has the advantage. Thank you once again for your analysis, even though it somewhat went over my head 😅

  4. I am down a lot , so hoping it recovers. I did buy another DCA bag , but my break even is still 0.02, and I don't want to risk more expore right now, let's just hope it gets back at leas tto those prices. I give it a year or so.

  5. Fun fact. That last pump wasn’t the 1st time it rose 300% this year it’s like the 3rd time or so. Lunc has a track record of pumping and an actual plan in place to justify future pumps 😊

  6. Here's hoping the 1.2% transaction tax will help reduce the supply to a point where those who lost a lot of money will be able to recover.

  7. Hey nick can you please consider doing an xrp video today or tomorrow you use to keep up with them but now i rarely see one after 5 days thanks for all you do.