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ZigZag is the Number 618 Cryptocurrency in the World.The 0.528002 symbol is ZZ and Market Cap is 29803500 Dollars.ZZ ATH Was 5.48 at 2022-12-12T18:55:50.106Z and ATL was 0.169314 at 2023-01-30T14:34:42.918Z.

In the last 24h, ZZ high was 0.734707$ And the low was 0.5293$

ZigZag info:

  • Name: ZigZag
  • Symbol: ZZ
  • MarketCap: 29803500$
  • Rank: 618
  • Price: 0.528002 USD
  • Categories: Ethereum Ecosystem,
  • Original Network : ethereum

Price Info

ZigZag Price Info

Today Price 0.528002$
ATH Price Percentage Change To Now -90.26459%
ATH Date 2022-12-12T18:55:50.106Z
ATL (ALL TIME LOW) 0.169314$
ATL Price Percentage Change To Now 215.05085%
ATL Date 2023-01-30T14:34:42.918Z
Market Cap 29803500$
Total Volume 1504015$
High 24h 0.734707$
Low 24h 0.5293$
Price Change Percentage in 7 Day 59.44813%
Price Change Percentage in 30 Day -16.79991%
Price Change Percentage in 60 Day 194.44687%
Price Change Percentage in 200 Day -83.58019%
Price Change Percentage in a Year %

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Introduction to ZigZag: A Cryptocurrency for the Everyday Investor

ZigZag is a revolutionary blockchain-based cryptocurrency that was created to make online payments and trading an easier and more secure process. This cryptocurrency was recently launched by a team of developers from around the world, with the mission of democratizing access to investing and trading opportunities by offering a safe, secure and reliable cryptocurrency solution. ZigZag’s decentralized application platform enables users to buy and sell digital currency without the need to trust a third party, allowing for seamless and secure transactions.

With its launch in 2020, ZigZag already has a growing network of users and investors, which is expected to expand further as the platform matures and its features are continued to be refined. By supporting a simple yet secure payment platform, secure asset storage, powered by the most advanced blockchain technologies, the ZigZag team seeks to bring revolutionary changes to the traditional financial marketplace.

Benefits of Investing in ZigZag

There are several advantages to investing in ZigZag that make it an attractive investment. One of the most significant benefits of this cryptocurrency is its low transaction costs, which make it much more affordable than other established currencies. Doing business with ZigZag requires minimal fees, which are a fraction of what traditional banks charge for transaction fees.

Additionally, ZigZag is powered by advanced blockchain technology that makes it secure. This technology helps to prevent malicious attacks and can protect against fraudulent transactions. Users of ZigZag can be sure that their transactions are safe and secure.

In terms of convenience, ZigZag has a great reputation. It’s easy to use, and there are a variety of payment methods available to make deposits and withdrawals. These include traditional banking methods, debit and credit cards, PayPal, and even virtual credit cards. All these methods make it easier and faster to carry out transactions.

The ZigZag Platform

Investors can find ZigZag in the marketplaces of a number of key exchanges. These include the likes of Bittrex, Finexbox, and Kraken, among others. ZigZag is also available for purchase in many locations around the world including but not limited to Australia, Canada, Malaysia, the United Kingdom, and the United States. This makes it much easier for people to purchase ZigZag.

The ZigZag platform provides a wide range of features to its users, making it easier for them to manage their investments. Among these features are trading pairs with different currencies, advanced order-matching technology, and a simple user interface that allows users to monitor the value of their investments in real time. Furthermore, the platform provides analytical reporting features to help users gain better insights into the crypto markets.

The Future of ZigZag

ZigZag is a relatively new cryptocurrency, but it is poised to become increasingly important as the need for secure digital payments increases. As more people from all over the world become more interested in investing in digital currencies, more exchanges will begin offering ZigZag as a viable option, which will create more market access for potential investors. Additionally, the increasing number of adoption points for ZigZag means that real-world applications are more likely to emerge soon, creating new opportunities for the currency.

The ZigZag team is constantly rolling out new updates and features to its platform, such as introducing support for other currencies, integrating with more exchanges and wallets, and developing mobile apps, so that it has all the necessary features to become a major cryptocurrency.

The ZigZag team’s focus is to continue to make investments and trading easier, safer and simpler, and to create the biggest and most secure network of digital payments and investments. The future of ZigZag is bright and it’s already gaining lots of interest from investors and users, so if you’re thinking to get into cryptocurrency, ZigZag is a great option to consider.

Exchanges List. where To Buy ZigZag ZZ

Name Trust Price Link
Bitget green 0.539313 https://www.bitget.com/en/spot/ZZUSDT_SPBL
Uniswap (v3) green 0.00029835847135813 https://app.uniswap.org/#/swap?inputCurrency=0xc91a71a1ffa3d8b22ba615ba1b9c01b2bbbf55ad&outputCurrency=ETH
Uniswap (v3) green 0.52593325813153 https://app.uniswap.org/#/swap?inputCurrency=0xc91a71a1ffa3d8b22ba615ba1b9c01b2bbbf55ad&outputCurrency=0xdac17f958d2ee523a2206206994597c13d831ec7
Uniswap (v3) green 0.53634846165509 https://app.uniswap.org/#/swap?inputCurrency=0xc91a71a1ffa3d8b22ba615ba1b9c01b2bbbf55ad&outputCurrency=0xa0b86991c6218b36c1d19d4a2e9eb0ce3606eb48
DigiFinex green 0.536122 https://www.digifinex.com/en-ww/trade/USDT/ZZ
Bilaxy green 0.49449 https://bilaxy.com/trade/ZZ_USDT
MEXC Global yellow 0.54 https://www.mexc.com/exchange/ZZ_USDT
ZigZag (zkSync v1) yellow 0.52139 https://trade.zigzag.exchange/?market=ZZ-USDC&network=zksync
ZigZag (zkSync v1) 0.000318914 https://trade.zigzag.exchange/?market=ZZ-ETH&network=zksync
ZigZag (zkSync v1) 0.539407 https://trade.zigzag.exchange/?market=ZZ-USDT&network=zksync
ZigZag (zkSync v1) 1.79886 https://trade.zigzag.exchange/?market=USDC-ZZ&network=zksync
ZigZag (zkSync v1) 3332.33 https://trade.zigzag.exchange/?market=ETH-ZZ&network=zksync
Hotbit 0.666 https://www.hotbit.io/exchange?symbol=ZZ_USDT
Uniswap (v3) 1.126759527357 https://app.uniswap.org/#/swap?inputCurrency=0xc91a71a1ffa3d8b22ba615ba1b9c01b2bbbf55ad&outputCurrency=0xa0b86991c6218b36c1d19d4a2e9eb0ce3606eb48
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