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$ZZ Airdrop Distributed| Interact With zksync Testnet Era And Other Protocols In The Ecosystem Now.

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Okay what’s up people zigzag exchange has just edge up their token known as easy to the eligible users of their platform and in this video I’m going to help you find out if you’re one of the eligible users also zika sing the original Genesis and after the Regenesis

They introduced the era test net and error midnight it is very possible that zika Singh has taken snapshot before the Regenesis it is also very possible that they may want to take another snapshot after the Regenesis and it is very much possible also that zika Sync has not

Taken any snapshot at all that makes it more interesting and also the best time for you to interact with the zika Singh testnet application the truth remains that no one knows if the snapshot has been taken this is why you should keep trying and keep interacting with the

Zika Singh application because as I always say anything is possible in this industry having said that that I’m going to show you a couple of protocols you can interact with via the zika sync era test net some of those protocols we have talked about in the past but there is

Nothing wrong for us to keep interacting with them especially after the Regenesis and some of those protocols also have confirmed their own airdrop so this is actually the best time to keep interacting with these protocols now if you’re not following me yet on Twitter please go ahead and do so right now this

Is my Twitter handle right here thank you very much okay but before we go into order first I want to show you if you are eligible for a zigzag exchange airdrop let’s go thank you In this document we are going to be looking at the criterias for being eligible for this airdrop so let’s head straight to the edge of information number one is Trader age or proposal about 80 000 addresses are eligible for this airdrop in particular and the snapshot was taken on the 31st of

December 2022. everyone that ever traded on the zigzag exchange platform is supposed to receive 300Z per edge of reaching base criteria what is the base criteria one month’s activity you must have traded in the first or the last days of this very one month and also you

Must have done four unique days with swaps if you did this you are already eligible for this airdrop okay then early adopters bonus after reaching base criteria so 300Z bonus for Traders with first swap in November 2021 that is before December number 1st 2021 so if you actually made a trade in November

2021 it means you are one of the early adopters and definitely you will receive about 300Z tokens again 100 easy token bonus for Traders with first swap in December 2021 before 1st of January 2022 so if you actually did any of these you will also get 100 ZZ on top as bonus

Okay then we have the lawyer user bonus after reaching base criteria this set of people also received 300Z bonus for Traders with a minimum of 15 unique days with swaps if you actually swap for 15 days minimum it means you’re getting this 300 bonus ZZ as well there are 7

600 eligible addresses okay so each donation you get 2z for every USD donated about 700 000 plus easy it dropped to this category of users the next one is outline this LP airdrop if you ever provided liquidity in the outline this platform you should be eligible for this airdrop so the number

Of addresses about 2100 addresses and they’re supposed to receive 500 ZZ per deposito and for you to be eligible you should have lp’d 5 USD minimum yes I know a lot of you will be saying right now if only I knew about this that is a part of information you should be out

There sourcing for information every now and then okay and it dropped about 1 million plus easy tokens to this category of persons which is about 1.1 percent of the total Supply that is amazing guys as I’m talking to you A lot of people are eligible for all these

Already and the next one is the ideal participant air job about 5500 addresses are eligible and 3zz goes to every one that purchased one ZZ minimum and about 800 000 plus where a drop which is about 0.81 percent of the total Supply the next one is MM God airdrop so there are

About 1700 addresses eligible this category is actually based on amounts of tree we have about 1.7 Millions is it dropped to this category of eligible users okay the last one is Discord member edge up number of addresses from the Discord is just 253 addresses it’s easy based on member

Rule this means it depends on your rule in the Discord okay it’s not just for every member so there are about 200 000 this is a job to this category of eligible users okay the next and final one is pop holder age of about 34 addresses only we are eligible so 300Z

Per holder received and 10 000 CC has dropped to this category of users okay guys so these are the eligibility criteria you just have to go through this to find out if you fall into any of these categories and then you check your wallet to see if you have gotten this

Edge up already I fell into one of them and I got the edge of so I’ll show you how to check yours if you are eligible to check your airdrop this is exactly what you do you go straight to zikascan.io and you check your wallet to

See if you have gotten the airdrop you just paste your wallet in this search bar right at the top here and click on search it is going to display the activities on your wallet and if you’re eligible you will see that you got the edge of for example let me show you mine

So I just searched my wallet and it shows me all the tokens in my wallet down here you will see that I have 300Z talking also over here you will see the accounts transactions which shows that 300Z was transferred to my account about 24 hours ago and this is very true guys

Another way you can find out if you got the edge up is to go straight to the zigzag exchange platform which is this and you search for ZZ tokens just here and it will appear for you then you take a look at your balance over here you see

Available balance of 300Z okay this shows that I actually got this edge up and right now the ZZ token is trading at 22 the price keeps for trading because a lot of activities are going on people are buying people are selling that is what the market is all about that is

Just how to find out if you actually got this edge up and you can trade this token In This Very platform if you want to do that remember this is on the zika Singh magnet now let’s see what we can do with zika sync error test net so this

Is the zika Singh portal here you can switch to mainnet or switch to test net it says zika sync era minutes and when you click on it you will see zika sync error golly which is the test net so we are using the test net we have to change

This we align the zika sync error and if you take a look you will see that I have a balance of 1290 dollars this is because I have done some activities here before this time okay so what are you supposed to do first of all you need to have some funds

In your ethereum go early test net because in this platform you’ll be performing a bridge from the ethereum Gully into the sequencing testnet Network how do you do that you go straight to bridge take a look you see ethereum goalie which is the test net Criterium and you will still have a

Balance of 0.06 ethereum quality and below here you will see the zika sync error clearly now you need to move some funds from the term goalie into the zika sync era just enter any amount for example 0.001 and you click on deposits I have to switch over to the guardian

Something else just popped up if you take a look you will see I have an overview of my transaction aside what my wallet is showing me this application helps me to know exactly what I’m about to sign or approve in my wallet with this application you’ll be able to put

Up scammers or hackers in another video I’m going to be showing you how to download this application and why you actually need to be using this application okay so I’ll go ahead and click on confirm the deposit process is ongoing we just wait for that to get completed and here we go transaction

Submitted successfully go back to balances click on this it is here to reflect the next thing you want to do is to make a transfer so click on transfer enter any wallet of your choice and make it transfer from the Z guessing error really test net Network this time around

Not from the ethereum girly test net Network enter the amount you want to transfer then hit the transfer brought in another thing you may want to do is to go back to the bridge and then click on withdraw now you have to withdraw from Z guessing error the test net

Network back into the ethereum quality testnet Network finally you go straight to the faucet here and make the request from the faucet once you click on request font from faucet it will take you straight to your Twitter handle there will be an automated information on your Twitter then go ahead and tweet

It after that you get some funds in your Z guessing wallet for example let me show you that once again click on wallet I have a balance of 1291 right now all these other tokens came from the faucet they didn’t come from the bridge that I performed a while

Ago that link USD wrap BTC or came from the faucet because there are other protocols where you might need to use these other tokens to interact via the zika sync era test net okay I hope this is very clear if not feel free to drop your questions in the comment section so

Now we have done everything we need to do in the Z guessing product let’s go ahead and find out what we can do with other protocols the first on my list is mute mute the switch is built on zika scene so here we have to do a couple of

Activities I’ll just show you what you need to do and on your own you can actually carry out these activities now this is what my wallet looks like the balances I have in my wallet and what I’ve done before what you need to do is first of all to connect your wallet and

Make sure you’re on the zika Singh test net Network go straight to swap select talking on the swap for example I will go for it and select mute as well here is mute okay then enter any amount of ETA and go ahead to swap it into mute

Then you can also try to do that with other tokens as well all right the next thing you have to do is to go straight to the pool and here you’re going to add liquidity just click on ADD liquidity go ahead and select the tokens you want to

Add liquidity on for example I’ll also go for this then click on manage and go ahead to enter the amount of tokens you want to add as liquidity after doing that go ahead to hit the add liquidity button and confirm in your wallet after doing that you head straight to the

Amplifier click on this and here you’re going to see that you can stick your tokens that you have provided as liquidity if you take a look you see that I’ve already sticked my token you have to click on Stick you enter the amount you want to take from your your

LP and go ahead to do that you can also unstake by clicking on this and you can go ahead to withdraw your LP okay so that is how you stick and on stake the next one is saying swap Singh swap recently talked about using the application on the zikasing era test

Name I’ve talked about sync swap a long time ago and a lot of us are already eligible for their own token airdrop they gave us the badge that gave us the road in their Discord they gave us everything and we are good to go but

This is the zika sync error and it makes sense to use this application right now whether you have used it before or not okay so what do you do you click on start go ahead to read all this information that will be popping up on the left and on the right because this

Is the first time we’ll be using this application after the Regenesis next you have to connect to the application click on connect and go for metamask or any other wallet you want to use there is either X and there is coinbase there is also wallet connect but I’m going with

The metamax click on it nests and connect and it says please unlock your wallet so click on try to unlock and we have unlocked that the next thing you should do is try to get some faucet tokens click on faucet and you have to make a retreat again to get the faucet

Just click on Retreat now and that is it it says congrats you can claim the funds now so click on claim now approve this in your wallet request test tokens is granted successfully now take a look you see we have a balance of 500 USD by the time

You click on this you will see the other tokens we have gotten aside ETA which is originally in our wallet you can actually swap and trade these other tokens for example let’s say I want to trade about 0.001 ETA into some us the C this is the amount it’s going to give me this is ridiculous but it is testnet that is why it is live date so click on Swap confirm it in your wallet it’s successfully swapped this is actually looking so

Funny but then it is all it is this is test net just try to swap from one token to another play around with the application okay the next thing you have to do is to go to pools then click on this and we have to add new position click on

It enter pool then go to deposits here you’re going to deposit into the pool whatever amount you want to deposit for example let’s say 100 USD then enter the amount of ETA for example 0.001 and then click on unlock you as the C give permission unlock is successful the next thing you

Have to do is to click on deposit confirm it successfully deposited into the pool okay now check your position by going to my position here is our current pool position and if you want to withdraw just go straight to the withdrawal button and we join the percentage of your choice let’s say I

Want to withdraw 25 percent then go ahead and permit the lp token sign in click on withdraw liquidity button also confirm in your wallet withdraw you as the C wrap ETA classic LP single is successful all right next thing let’s check our dashboard this is what our

Portfolio looks like let’s check out our history these are the activities we have just performed a while ago so this is what I think you should do in the sync swap application also make sure you join the Discord server I’ll be leaving all the links in the description all right the

Next one is unchain trade this application is known as OT protocol I’ve talked about this protocol in the past as well but it’s like they did a little with branding which is understandable there’s been an argument over the possibility of this protocol doing an airdrop or not but what I have to tell

You is this we are using this application majorly for the zikasync airdrop if at the long run this protocol decides to a drop their token it will also come to you because you have used their protocol connect your wallet and the next thing you have to do is to get

The test tokens click on this confirm it successfully got on the test tokens okay the major thing we want to do in this application is to trade so we click on trade this application already has their own stable coin which is known as OSD we want to swap some ETA into the

Stablecoin OSD so let’s select that this is the OSD token which is the stable coin I’ve already done some activities here before you can see the proofs so click on this and enter any amount of ETA you want to swap for example 0.001 and that is equal to 4000 plus OSD click

On Swap conference swap is successful if you want you can go ahead to add some liquidity in the pools I’ve done that already you can see my LP positions here just click on the plus sign and you’ll be able to add liquidity if you want to withdraw some

Liquidity click on the minus sign you’ll be able to do that I think you should also try to add some LP in this protocol and the next one is mess protocol or mes protocol okay I’ve talked about this protocol in the past as well first you need to connect your wallet and make

Sure you have some fonts in your zikasing testnet network and they have other networks also which includes arbitrine natural and optimism girly that of polygon will be coming very soon in this platform we can trade photos and we can also bridge if we want to do that

If you just go straight to the bridge you will see the Z guessing testing that bridge you see that of arbitrim you see that of optimism as well and we can get faucet tokens from the official garlic eat faucet and we can also get usdc from the official mesh protocol usdc force it

We need to get some USD let’s click on this here you’re going to paste in your wallet address and you claim about 100 USD for us to start trading in this platform we need to First make a deposit so click on deposits and if you want to

Deposit ETA you just enter the amount of each I want to deposits if you want to deposit you as the C you go straight to usdc Vault and enter the amount you want to deposit now I have gotten about 100 USD so I’m going to deposit it and also

Trade with it so I’ll click on Max and deposit you as the C give permission if it’s your first time confirm it again these are the different stages it’s going to go through the process is all done so click on this now I have a balance chance of 200 USD previously I

Had 100 USD okay you can also withdraw this usdc back if you want to do that just enter the amount you want to withdraw right here and go ahead to confirm it in your wallet the next thing we have to do is to also deposit some

ETA into the Vault click on this and enter the amount you want to deposit 0.01 for example click on deposit ETA confirm it it will go through the same process again also the process completed and we are all done next let’s go straight and trade note that you should

Trade on limit order and also on Market order okay do it as many times as you can so let’s start with limit order I have to fix the price at which we want to buy by the time it hits that price our transaction will be triggered so

Let’s change the price into what we want one thousand six hundred we also need to enter the amount of usdc we want to use to purchase some ETA you can just go for 25 50 75 or 100 percent so are we going for 50 percent okay that will give me about 0.063

ETA if ETA drops to my price which is one thousand six hundred dollars so the next thing I have to do is to click on Place limit buy sign the signature order is created successfully below here you will see our order on ZK sync which is a

Limit order then let’s let’s place a trade on Market order this means we are going to be trading with the current market price okay and I’ll be going for 25 percent it’s Place Market by confirm it order is created successfully if you want to cancel your limit order

You can do that anytime just click on the console button and go ahead and confirm it in your wallet that will be canceled for now I don’t want to do that so I’ll reject the cancel order Also let’s make a sale click on sale you have

To sell some ETA any amount you want you can just enter that I’ll be going for 25 percent then click on place market sell sign the signature or that is created successfully let’s check our order history these are the activities I’ve performed so far and the recent one is the cell

And the buy orders okay so this is what you can do in the mesh protocol application all right let’s go to the next one which is Nexium Finance I’ve also talked about this in the past and I believe that a lot of you have used this application also what you have to do

Here in the first place is just to supply and borrow first you need to connect which you already know then the next thing you have to do is to activate various buttons which you can see right here I’ve activated that of dive usdc and rock b2c I’m here to activate that

Of ETA let me try it right now to see if it’s going to work I have to confirm in my wallet I’ll click on confirm waiting for transaction to be executed that is activated successfully now let’s Supply some ETA and also go back some ETA click

On is you see the supply you borrow the visual and the repeat these are the basic things you need to do in this platform let’s Supply about 0.001 then click on Supply confirm it although we have successfully supplied 0.001 ETA so close this then click on this

Again go straight to borrow you can actually borrow about 18 dollars worth of ETA let’s go like five dollars then click on borrow confirm it all done successfully build okay the nest is so we draw click on withdraw and we can withdraw about eight die but

For now let’s we draw about three die click on withdraw go ahead and confirm again in your wallet all done successfully the final one is to make a repeat click on repeat and we can actually repeat 0.05 beta but for now let’s replace 0.01 click on repeat confirm it and we are

All done so this is how to use this application if you want to see more details about your account just go to my account you see everything you have done supplied assets and borrowed assets and look at all the recent transactions we have performed so this is how to use

This very application and the final one we’ll be looking at today is crater line this is one of the most recent projects on zika sync it is an nft platform you can create your own NFC listed you can buy you can sell you can do a lot of

Things in this application you need to connect your wallet use metamax connect it connect again here you’re going to meet an nft which is your own very nft it’s a one or multiple nfts with your own ads on proceed sign the application here you’re going to enter your details as an artist your

Account information is needed after that you click on update profile I have successfully updated my account you can see that at the top right here the next thing you should do is to go back to Launch and then click on proceed again it says means your nfts this means you’re going

To upload your own profile in any of these formats and go ahead to maintain it as an nft so click on browse files I’ve added the files successfully the next thing you have to enter your name then give a description of what your nft is all about so I just said this is

Brought freedom to the people that describes what my nft is all about and I’ll be meeting just one quantity it depends on you also you can enter the value if you want to do that next click on create go ahead and confirm it congratulations you have successfully

Minted your nft that is amazing so this is how to create and means your own nft the next thing you have to do is to buy and sell nft so go back to the profile and go straight to explore these are all the entities people have listed or

Created so far you can decide to buy from any one of them okay it looks like buying and selling is not working at the moment maybe you can try this later on but make sure you meet your own nft by coming to launch nfts and mentioned nfts you can also create collections of

Nfts because it says they are proceed to Mint single or multiple nfts generate and launch collection of to 10K nft Bank generates up to 10 000 nfts that means you have created your nft collection and you can launch it for other people to buy your nfts okay so just play around

With this application and hopefully we are going to get something good out of these protocols and also the main one which is the zika sync airdrop alright guys this is all I got for you today thank you so much for watching I trust you got value please go ahead and smash

The like button and share this video everywhere don’t also forget to leave your beautiful comments in the comment sections I’ll see you in my next one don’t forget we are going to make it bye

I hope you guys learned something from this video and if you did make sure to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE!

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